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 Proven Pedagogy
What is wrong with approaches to teaching English to young learners today?
Why Isn't Jinny Learning (Remembering) Words?Motivation, Affective Filters and Vocabulary Learning
Were you puzzled when you read the title of this article, implying as it does that there is something wrong with current approaches to teaching English to young learners today. Read on!’
  “Whether or not a child is motivated to learn English will depend to a large extent on whether she sees learning as a personal adventure or not…” David Paul (2003). Introduction: What Kind of Practice Leads to More Practice?
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Learning and Assessment that Gets Results
Integrating Technology into Language Learning in Young Learner Classrooms
There is always a dilemma in assessing young learners’ English. The idea is that teaching and learning English should be enjoyable and fun while assessment may be viewed as serious and threatening. How does Our Discovery Island make the assessment for your learners a pleasant journey?
  There has been much talk in education circles and the media about the 21st century learner and the skills they will need to navigate a quickly changing, information-accessible world, a world very different from even 10 years ago.
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Learning to read and spell systematically with Synthetic Phonics
Trialed with Teachers, Tested with Children
Learners of English have quite a challenge ahead of them in learning to read and write: this is due to the complex relationship between the sounds (phonemes) and the letters (graphemes).   At Pearson, we place great value on its relationships with teachers, and strive to involve teachers extensively in the research and development process that is behind everything we publish. Our Discovery Island is the result of a lengthy and intensive research effort.
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