Step 1
Refer to the Penguin Readers extensive catalogue to choose a story that has influenced you in some way.
You can choose ANY title in the Penguin Readers Catalogue

Step 2
Register until March 26th, 2010.
Remember to check all the deadlines for the contest!

Step 3
Let your artistic side flourish and your imagination run free!
On an A4 sheet of paper, prepare a drawing, photo, painting, CG piece, collage or any work of art that expresses the story you chose.
Remember to include the name of the story you chose as the title of your work.

The contest will only contemplate works of art. No written work of any form will be eligible.

Step 4
Mail your work of art until April 9th, 2010 to:
Pearson Education
More than simply reading 2009/2010
ELT Department
Av. Ermano Marchetti, 1435
Lapa – São Paulo/SP
CEP 05038 – 001
We´ll accept all works of art with postage date till April 9th, 2010.